Is There A Link Between COPD and Heart Failure?

May 30, 2023

COPD and heart failure are both serious medical conditions. But are they related? While they affect different organs, the conditions also have a lot of similarities. In this article, we will explain how COPD and heart failure are related and how patients can live well while dealing with their chronic illness.

Understanding COPD

COPD is a type of chronic lung disease that reduces air flow to your lungs. Most people with COPD develop the disease from smoking, though other things can cause the issue, too. COPD is a chronic and progressive disease. While there is no cure, symptoms can be managed with medical help.

Dealing With Congestive Heart Failure

CHF is also a chronic and progressive disease. It affects the heart muscles, making them too weak to effectively pump blood throughout your body. Just like COPD, CHF cannot be cured, though symptoms can be managed with a doctor’s help.

Are COPD and Heart Failure Related?

While COPD and heart failure are not related outright, there are many similarities in the symptoms patients experience. These include shortness of breath, wheezing, fatigue. Smoking and being overweight also increase your risk. Because of these risk factors, many patients develop both conditions. However, one condition does not cause the other.

Tips For Staying Healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle is important for both COPD and heart failure patients. Staying healthy can relieve symptoms, improve life expectancy, and simply make patients feel good. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating well, and avoiding tobacco are all crucial. Gentle exercises can also help these patients, though it is important that exercise plans are created with a doctor’s help.

Working With a Specialist

Whether you have COPD or CHF, the right specialist can help you manage your symptoms and create a long-term care plan. Northwest Heart Centre works with heart patients all across Texas. Explore our website to learn how Dr. Dairywala and his team can help you.