How Much Should You Rest After Angioplasty?

July 30, 2023

Coronary angioplasty is a life-saving procedure that gives your heart a new life! Whether planned or emergency, post-operation and post-discharge care are crucial to ensure a smooth and successful recovery.

Post Angioplasty Rest

After a planned angioplasty operation, most patients are discharged within a single day of rest in the hospital. Hey, before you head home, keep these essential tips in your mind for adequate healing.

1. Regain Energy

The feeling of tiredness after the procedure is common. Do not fret much, as it is just your body’s way of healing itself. You must not get back to work immediately; instead, take off for a week to be back on your feet and feel more energetic.

2. Medication Matters

Your doctor will prescribe medications to support your recovery. Strictly follow the schedule, as it plays a crucial role in preventing future heart problems.

3. Time to Make Lifestyle Changes

Your heart deserves the best care possible! Embrace positive changes in your diet and lifestyle to support a healthier heart.

4. Wound Care and Personal Hygiene

You must keep an eye on the site of insertion for any bruises or infections. Remember, a little vigilance goes a long way in ensuring proper healing.

Post-Discharge Healing

Once you are back home, it is time to focus on helping your heart heal and embrace a new heart-healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the changes you can make:

1. Ease Into Activities

Take it easy for the first week, and avoid any strenuous activities. During this time, light exercise is beneficial; however, heavy lifting is a no-no. Get in touch with your doctor for personalized advice.

2. Steer Clear Of Driving

Do not put a pedal on immediately; skip driving for at least a week post-surgery. Your heart needs time to recover fully, so let someone else take charge of the wheel for a change, and you sit back and rest up a little while longer.

3. Quit Smoking

Like it or not, kick the smoking habit out of your life for good! Smoking cigarettes makes blood vessels narrow up due to plaque build-up, which is the very reason you needed angioplasty in the first place.

4. Time To Nourish Your Heart

You are what you eat, and it matters a lot when it comes to healthy living. Consider shifting to a heart-healthy, plant-based diet tightly packed with nutrient-rich foods like nuts, berries, and whole grains.

5. Find Your Path To a Stronger Heart with Cardiac Rehabilitation

You take the benefits of a cardiac rehabilitation program which is designed to cater to you after your angioplasty and stent placement. Working alongside experts like physical therapists and dieticians, you can create a plan to rebuild your heart’s strength.

Closing Note

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