How is the Cardiovascular System Affected By Aging?

January 30, 2023

It’s a fact of life: the body changes as a person grows older. Regardless of your health level, there are certain changes that are inevitable as a person approaches old age. It’s something to prepare for so that you can continue to feel your best amid these changes. Let’s start by talking about one of the most important organs of the body: the heart. How is the cardiovascular system affected by aging? And how can you stay heart-healthy as you age? Read on to learn more.

How is the Cardiovascular System Affected By Aging?

So how is the cardiovascular system affected by aging? The cardiovascular system, like many other parts of the body, can stiffen and lose flexibility over time. This can lead to the thickening of your heart walls, capillaries, and aorta. Your heart rate and blood production may also slow with age. Slower blood production means you may develop a weaker immune system or have a slower response to blood loss.

We know that these changes sound scary. However, they are all a normal part of the aging process. Maintaining your overall health will help your heart function its best, regardless of your age. Be sure to eat well, manage your stress, get low-impact aerobic exercise. Limit your cholesterol, saturated fat, and sugar intake. Ask your doctor to help you create a heart-healthy diet plan.

Are You At Risk For Heart Disease?

Heart disease- and other cardiac conditions- are more common as a person ages. However, certain people are at an even higher risk. Talk to your doctor if you have a family history of heart disease, or if you have a history of high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Visit a Cardiologist

It’s a good idea to visit a cardiologist, even if you don’t currently have symptoms of a heart condition. The doctor can examine you and ensure that your heart is functioning normally for your age. They can also help you prepare for potential issues in the future, based on your age, lifestyle, and risk factors. Click the link on our homepage to make a cardiologist appointment today.